Kaleidoscope Creative Arts Centre

Kaleidoscope is for adults:
  • who would like to learn, but have never dared or had the opportunity
  • who learnt music as a child, but have not played since
  • Who feel that they may not be good enough to join an amateur orchestra  ... but would like to

Brass players needed!

The next term starts on
Monday January 15th 2024

        Beginners and more experienced.

If you are a beginner, come along and join a group.

If you have experience, we need you in the orchestra!

email:- fred@fmerrifield.co.uk
phone:- Pat Norton on 01795 522 738

We work hard, but the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment.
Although there is encouragement to improve, there is no pressure.

There are groups for the more adventurous and advanced players, but we cater for beginners and the rusty too.

Individual tuition can be arranged on a variety of instruments.

All teachers are highly qualified and experienced
  • No auditions
  • No examinations
  • Everyone welcome
  • Join as many groups as you like for one fee
  • Friendly atmosphere

Concerts are held, but participation is optional